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Sari Border Collection ~ 90 Hrs

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Skeem ~ Sari Border Collection ~ Candles ~ 90 Hours

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The Sari Border collection is inspired by the rich, colorful, silk saris worn by women throughout india. The saris are intricately embroidered with gold borders. All three candles feature paisley motifs, a popular icon used in India on carpets, clothing and temporary henna tattoos, known as Mendhi. The paisley motif is screened onto the candle in a rich, gold, matte metallic ink. The unique scents are inspired by the food and drink peddled by urban street vendors.

Fragrances shown in order listed starting from left to right ~ all 12 oz 90 hrs, $21.00 each.

Candles are made with high grade wax in beautifully painted glasses that are dishwasher safe so they may be kept for use as a vase or a decorative drinking glass.

Mango Lassi ~ A cool yogurt and mango milkshake, its scent densely sweet with just a touch of spice (Currently Unavailable)

Lime Soda ~ Fresh Lime Soda has a strong, crisp sour lime scent, sweetened slightly with overtones of honey

Fig Chutney ~ Often enjoyed as a condiment to take the edge off spicy food. Its scent is sweet, but also exotically spiced with cardamom and cinnamon  (Currently Unavailable)